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An idiomatic expression refers to a form of expression whose meaning cannot be directly inferred from the meaning (s) of the words that form it up.

Below is a list of useful idioms/idiomatic expressions that are commonly used in the English community.

Idiomatic Expressions Meanings
All fingers and thumbs clumsy at doing something with one’s hand
Be at each other’s throats to quarrel violently
Be raining cats and dogs raining heavily
Be tied up to be occupied with something
Call a spade a spade to say exactly what one means
Dead to the world very deeply asleep
Feel at home to feel very relaxed
Nothing to it very easy
Over the moon overly excited
Overstay one’s welcome to stay somewhere as a guest longer than one is wanted
Play chicken

to play a gme in which people do something dangerous to show how

brave they are

Practice makes perfect when one works hard at improving something, it improves
Put heads together to discuss something
Put one’s best foot forward to do the best one can do
Read between the lines understand
Scapegoat one who takes the blame for something she/he did not do
Sit on the fence take no sides in a manner
Take someone under one’s wing take care of or help someone with less experience
Take something/someone by storm

to be extremely successful very quickly in a particular place or among

particular people

There’s more than one way to skin a cat there are many different ways to achieve something
Turn over a new leaf change one’s behaviour for the better
Under the influence drunk
Wear one’s heart on one’s sleeve to allow one’s feelings to be seen by others
Wheeling and dealing dishonest ways
Win hands down to win easily
With flying colors obtain excellent results in a test or an exam


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