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Germany is a beautiful and a must see place in Europe. As and when, one lands in Germany, he/she can feel the very essence of its beauty and architecture. Following are the places to visit in Germany:

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 1. Berlin: Berlin is the capital of Germany. It is situated in East Germany, with around 3.5 million inhabitants and it is divided into twelve districts. For bike lovers, Berlin is a fantastic place, as it ha a highly developed bike lane system. One can easily rent a bike and explore the place. Berlin remains warm in the month of June, July, and August. Also it remains coldest during December, January and February. Still rainfalls are very uncertain in Berlin. One can see sun over its head and within fraction of seconds’ rainfalls and the temperature falls. Now, everyone knows that Europe is famous for its history and architecture, so is Berlin. Talking about the history of Europe, one of the places to visit is The Brandenburg Gate. The Brandenburg Gate is one of the former city gates. Vehicles used to travel through this gate in the past, before the Berlin Wall was built. After the fall of Berlin Wall, people celebrated at The Brandenburg Gate on 9th November, 2009 and The Brandenburg became a tourist attraction. 

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2. Frankfurt: Frankfurt is known as the financial hub of Europe and it lies in central Germany. Frankfurt is the sixth largest city of Germany. Its cobble stones streets remind everyone of its historical past. Frankfurt airport is one the busiest airports. Frankfurt is known for its Stock Exchange and European central Bank also. It has twelve sky scrapers standing tall against the skies. For the lovers of churches, Frankfurt has St. Katherine’s Church which speaks itself of its beauty. Also, a must see church is the St. Paul’s Church located in the city centre and is the major attraction for every tourist. St. Paul’s Church was used for political meetings in the past and is now used for special events and attractions. Now for Shopaholics, Frankfurt has “Zeil”, which is a shopping place. Then last but not the least is “The Museum of Modern Art”, which is famous for its extensive art collection and for the architecture and for its triangular shape.

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3. Munich: Munich is located in South of Germany on the river Isar. Munich is famous for its traditional Bavarian culture as it is the capital of Bavaria. It is also known for its modern living and high tech industries. Munich is the third largest city of Germany with around 1.3 million inhabitants. Munich’s international airport is also one of the busiest airports. While only walking around in the city, one can see beautiful museums one after the other within a walking distance. Munich has several parks too. One of the largest Parks is The Englischer Garden situated close to the city centre.

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