Caterpillars are unique animals just like other animals on earth. They are the young of a butterfly or a moth that hatched out of an egg. Their appearance varies from species to species. Some look uglier, some look scarier but some can just appear beautiful because of their distinct striking body color.

Due to the fact that the caterpillars are varied in color and body shapes, they always grab one’s attention in the garden. Most of them feed on leaves but certain species of them simply prey on other species of caterpillars.

Caterpillars can grow rapidly too. The Tobacco hornworm for example, can increase its weight to ten-thousand times just in less than 20 days! In comparison to a human who has only 629 muscles, the caterpillars can have about 4,000 muscles. (Wow!). They do not have a skeleton so these muscles help sustain their shape and appearance.

The caterpillars have a tiny balloon-like body inflated by their blood that flows through the contraction of their muscles in the rear segments. This movement pushes the blood flow forward to the front segments and thereby elongating the torso.

Generally, caterpillars are harmless but their hair can be poisonous or may cause health problems. The sharp barbs locating on the end of their hair can get lodged inside the eye(s), if it accidentally enters into the eye(s) and it would be hard to extract the hair from the eyes.

So, now, let’s explore some of these beautiful but weird-looking caterpillars. Enjoy! :lol:




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