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The simpler and obvious way to reduce your monthly electricity bill is by using less of your household electrical appliances, in particular the one that uses more electrical power.

Of all, the electrical oven is said to be the heaviest electricity “eater”. Therefore, it is better to use the electric oven to bake several things in a row rather than baking them at different times. Usually, the oven will take time to heat up, and during this time, the electricity is consumed even without baking anything. So, when it is already heated up, proceed to bake other items. Always remember to plan your baking in this manner. This way, you can cut down your electrical energy consumption accordingly.

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An air conditioner is truly an electrical appliance that can increase your monthly bill. Most people prefer to sleep the entire night together with the air conditioner switched on. This practice will cause around 50% of the total electricity bill. So, if you cut down the use of the air conditioner you will observe a significant decrease in your bill. Instead of using air conditioner, use a fan on days and nights that are not so warm. For your information, an air conditioner with a power rating of 1200W consumes 16 times more electricity than a ceiling fan with a power rating of 75W. When you compare these two, a fan is much more economical.

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Except for the refrigerator which needs to be on all the time, other electrical appliances including lamps, television sets, computers and stereo sets can be turned on whenever necessary. While not in use, just turn them off. Most appliances should be unplugged when not in use as an appliance such as a toaster or coffee pot will continue to draw energy when plugged in even though they are turned off. For lamps, instead of incandescent lamps, use the energy-saving bulbs such as fluorescent bulbs. The initial cost for the energy-saving lights might be higher, but in a long run  they are cheaper to operate and can save you on your electricity bill plus the energy saving light bulbs are created to last much longer.

Appliance/ Power (watts)

  1. Lamp— energy-saving (18)
  2. VCD/DVD player (25)
  3. Lamp— fluorescent (40)
  4. Lamp— incandescent (40-100)
  5. Ceiling fan (75)
  6. Food blender (110)
  7. Stereo set (120)
  8. Television set (250)
  9. Refrigerator (265)
  10. Personal computer (360)
  11. Washing machine (600)
  12. Vacuum cleaner (700)
  13. Iron (1000)
  14. Toaster (1100)
  15. Air conditioner (1200)
  16. Hair dryer (1250)
  17. Microwave oven (1500)
  18. Water heater (3300)
  19. Electric oven (5000)

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As for appliances with rating of 1000W or more, iron, hair dryer and microwave oven for example, can be used from time to time. They will only shoot up your electricity bill if you use them all the time.

Instead of switching on the water heater, use the water from the tap on a warm day to have a cold shower. Again, this helps you reduce your power consumption. Also lower the setting on your hot water heater. It should be no higher than 120 F.

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In order to reduce your electricity bill significantly, only switch on the electrical appliance(s) when necessary (except for the refrigerator), and switch off at other times or when they are not in use.

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