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Many websites have used pop-ups to improve their users experience by displaying certain information or a product on sale without the users having to navigate away from the page of product information. This popup loads automatically each time you visit a page; of course, it is eye-catching and can increase the number of sales. However, some pop-ups can be an annoyance when it is missing a navigation toolbar and is not resizable. Worst still, you are taken away from a page you are viewing in the full browser and you are stuck in that annoying and disturbing little window which keeps on opening another browser when you attempt to open the existing one.

You can actually take full control of those nonsense pop-ups by deciding how big your Firefox window browser should be. Just follow the steps below carefully:

First, you need to navigate to the top menu bar, and then go to Tools→ Options→ Content and click on the first Advanced button as shown in the image. Do not select the Advanced tab or the second Advanced button in that panel with the cross as shown in the same image.


When you have clicked on that Advance button, you will see a small Advanced Javascript Settings window popup. Make sure you uncheck all of them.


Now, a rescue comes to you. Up to the address bar, where you usually type in the URL address, type in about:config  (Note: do not type http or www…but just about:config), and you will see a white warning bar “This might void your warranty”. Just click on I’ll be careful, I promise button.

In the Filter bar, type in dom.disable_window_open_feature and you will have a list of the features you desire. Now, double click on any line to toggle those features between true and false.

You can actually select which options you desire to change and which you want to keep as default setting.

For your info, you need to set dom.disable_window_open_feature.location to true to enable displaying the Navigation Toolbar displaying in pop-up windows.

Set dom.disable_window_open_feature.scrollbars to true to prevent sites from disabling scrollbars.

Set dom.disable_window_open_feature.resizable to true to make sure all pop-up windows are resizable.

Set dom.disable_window_open_feature.menubar to true to always display the menu in pop-up windows.

Set dom.disable_window_open_feature.minimizable to true to make sure all pop-up windows are minimizable.

When you set the features as shown in the images mentioned herein, it will certainly improve your surfing, and most importantly, you can now surf without having to face those annoyances!


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