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Do you know that elephants are the largest animals on land? These grey giants are frequently considered to be kind and gentle, but occasionally when they get annoyed they can kill more people than all the other wild animals put together.

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Interestingly, elephants are strong enough to fight off a fierce tiger. They are said to be intelligent animals as they can take care of themselves extremely well especially when they are in trouble. Not only that, elephants can share and care willingly. They look after their calves quite well and nurse those sick and wounded ones carefully and lovingly. Young elephants do not cause many problems as they are well-disciplined.

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Hey Kids! Are you aware that elephants are among the most expressive and sensitive animals? When elephants are under extreme stress, they have been seen to cry. When they meet others, they will hug each other affectionately. If they know an elephant dies, the rest of the herd weep for it in a heart-wrecking manner.

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