In general, a mother hen may lay several eggs at a time. Then, the hen sits on the eggs to get them warm until they hatch into cute chicks.

Below explained the stages on how the fetus in an egg develops into a chick.

In the yolk itself, a chick begins as a tiny dot. Then, it later develops into a fetus. The fetus is provided food by the egg yolk.

Five days later, the fetus is observed to have its head and backbone developed.

After twenty-one days or three weeks, feet, eyes and a head are formed in the fetus. Gradually, at this stage, its features begin to grow.

Once the fetus is fully grown it can fill up the shell. It then pecks a hole on the blunt end of the egg shell and tries to struggle out of the shell.

Now, the chick is completely out of the egg shell. Its eyes are open and it also has soft feathers.


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