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Smoking is by far the worst thing you can do for your health. Yet, every hour, more than 10 million people worldwide attempt to smoke for the first time.

Not surprisingly, tobacco companies earn a lucrative income even without advertising their products as they make people who start smoking become hooked which keeps them in business.

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Nicotine found in cigarettes is a poisonous drug as it can be used to even kill insects. Nicotine as well as more than 400 known harmful chemicals in tobacco can cause diseases like heart problems, stroke and certain types of cancers especially lung and oral cancers. These diseases may take years to develop in your body but they can also show up right away among certain individuals. Tobacco products cause one to have difficulty in absorbing needed nutrition, which will cause the body to have a lowered immune system.

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In facts, smoking makes your body less fit and more likely to be affected by infections. Smokers are more likely to get pneumonia and colds easily.

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Each time you light up a puff, you hurt your brain, blood vessels, lungs and heart. The longer you smoke the worst the damage will be.

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Since smoking has a long list of bad points, why should you bother smoking? Besides the stinky hair and clothes, and bad breath, smoking actually makes you find playing sports and exercising more difficult.

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What’s more? Smokers are also cranky and tired, and sometime they cannot think as quickly. This will certainly cause teenagers who smoke to get lower grades and make trouble at school, while causing adult smokers to not be able to concentrate at work. Some teen smokers are also more apt to be dishonest, irresponsible and lazy.

Smoking, in a nutshell, causes one to develop undesirable traits while bringing them health problems.



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