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Butterflies are beautiful and unique animals on Earth. At one time, butterflies may lay batches of eggs. Below is an explanation of the life-cycle of a butterfly.

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First, an adult female butterfly will lay batches of eggs onto the leaves of a plant.

Next, the eggs hatches and a caterpillar or a tiny-looking larva emerges from the egg.

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The caterpillar feeds on leaves as food and grows bigger and bigger day by day. The old skin splits open when its skin becomes too small. Later, the caterpillar pops out with a new skin. This process happens about four or five times.

As soon as the caterpillar is completely grown, it makes a little silk pad onto a twig or leaf and attaches itself to it. This is the stage in which the caterpillar’s skin splits for the last time. The caterpillar is now at its pupa stage and under the skin is the chrysalis. In the chrysalis, many changes take place. Inside the chrysalis too, the legs, wings and other parts of the butterfly are formed.

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When it is ready, the chrysalis splits. From there, a beautiful butterfly comes out. Now, it is equipped with a pair of wings ready for it to fly away. Its new life as an adult butterfly then starts.

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