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“Better in than out”. Did you remember the plot of SHREK? Princess Fiona did remind Shrek when his kids beginning belching away.

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What does belching mean? Also known as burping, medically referred as eructation, belching is an act of releasing excess gas or air from the stomach out via the mouth.

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So, why do people burp or belch? The common cause of belching is an inflated (or distended) stomach caused by swallowed air resulting in abdominal discomfort, and the belching aids in expelling air to help relieve the discomfort.

When you gulp drink or food too rapidly that causes you to swallow large amounts of air (aerophagia), but, you also swallow air whist drinking and eating. Certain food and drink you consume daily such as carbonated drinks, soda and other beverages do contain gases. So, your body uses belching as a way to release excess gas from your stomach.

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Belching is considered to be impolite manners in the western culture. However, if you are in Bengal, India, the hosts would beam with pride the moment you belched there since it is considered as a compliment for their hospitality and good meal.

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