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Mobbing in the workplace can be an extremely unpleasant experience for the victim and can lead to many
more problems, such as depression and chronic anxiety. In this article, we will try to give you a
couple of useful pieces of advice on how to stop mobbing. In order to proceed with suggestions on how to fight it, let us just briefly define mobbing in the
workplace: it is a situation, most often recurring, in which a person is unfairly ostracized by the
rest of the colleagues, abused by a group of people or a single individual and excluded from decision
making processes as well as other group activities. Wrongful accusations and unpleasant public
confrontations, behavior which leads toward a person starting to have a sense of inferiority - these
are all sure signs these are all sure signs that mobbing is taking place.
First thing to do when you suspect someone is bullying you in the workplace is to convince yourself 
that you are the victim. This is not to say that you should start with self-loathing and self-pitying
- the sense that you are the victim should only help you define your role and decide what actions to
take in order to protect yourself. Talk to your friends or professional counsellors, maybe even some
of your colleagues which you consider trustworthy, tell them about incidents which make you think you
are bullied at work and let them help you reach a conclusion. Once you get a second opinion, it will
make you more confident and ready to fight for your own cause.

Once you get the facts straight, proceed to face your bullies. Not showing emotions is crucial in
this stage. Fear, open sadness or anger can only provoke more troubles. You need to remain calm and
face the people who mistreat you with dignity and silent defiance. Try to act as if nothing serious
is going on and continue performing your work duties as best you can. All the while, you should work
behind their back, too. Keep records of instances when you think you were bullied, collect evidence
and talk to people who can be potential witnesses. Once you think you have a case, go with all the
available evidence to a human resources officer or someone in the senior staff who is responsible for
dealing with this kind of issues. Although they are taught not to take sides, they will have to do
something if the data you collected is compelling enough.

It is also essential to keep yourself up to date on employment law provisions dealing with mobbing
and be aware of what your rights in the workplace are. Only in this way you will be able to solve
the potential problems occurring between you and your colleagues.

By Kurkowski Lawyers, Cape May employment discrimination lawyer

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