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In today’s world it’s no wonder that stress has become a medically recognized condition. If the work ethic everyone followed wasn’t hard enough a few years ago, it’s even harder now. All over the world people are suffering as a result of the now dubbed “economic down-turn”.

People everywhere are finding it harder to make ends meet. Taxes have gone up, work is scarce and the general cost of living is on the rise. Not to mention the property market, and how people are worried their homes are not worth anywhere near what they were when they bought them.

These first few words probably haven’t done much to help bring down anyone’s stress levels! In the next few paragraphs there will be plenty of information on how to keep stress levels at an acceptable level, and without the use of anti-depressants or the odd valium.

Stress can affect people in all sorts of different ways. Maybe the boss is really getting you down because of the pressure they put you under, or worse yet, the Mother in Law has come to stay for a few weeks! There are lots of ways to stay calm. A warm bath whilst reading your favorite book before bed will help the mind and body to relax.

Drinking herbal teas instead of drowning your-self in a constant stream of cups of coffee a day can also help. Even booking the odd massage can help keep the heart rate down. However, one of the best ways to relieve stress is exercise. A good old 20 minute jog will raise the metabolism and will get the heart pumping, this helps with circulation and is a good reason for the heart to work hard (unlike when it starts to race because you feel like putting your head through a brick wall).

Any sort of exercise that’s considered to be aerobic will help with stress. The only thing to make sure of is that it’s used as a combination of other anti-stress remedies. Exercise alone won’t help overall. If you overdo it, it will put more strain on the body, and that’s when people start to suffer from injury. For instance, if you jog every-day for more than 1 hour, it will have a detrimental effect on your body.

The trick is to combine a moderate amount of exercise with other relaxation techniques. If you jog too much, your knees might give in, and in the most extreme cases, this could end up with knee surgery. This will put you straight back to square one!

Imagine how you would feel when you’ve been to see the doctor with a swollen knee that’s been bothering you for weeks only for him to tell you that you need knee surgery? It’s not the ideal way to stay calm is it? Keeping fit is great for stress, but it shouldn’t be the only method used. If the Mother in Law is really bugging you take your-self off somewhere quiet and try a bit of meditation, you’ll be amazed at the difference it makes.

Jerry is a health and fitness enthusiast and a professional surfing teacher at Costa Rica Retreat.

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Jerry is a health and fitness enthusiast and a professional surfing teacher at Costa Rica Retreat.

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