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When we think of a house, most of us think of a box with a triangle on top, more or less. But there are some really wacky houses out there that have utilized all sorts of different shapes, materials and styles to create eye-catching and whimsical designs. Here are some of the strangest houses from around the world.

House on a Stick

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Just 27 square meters, the House on a Stick is a rectangular box that stands atop a tall pole, which allows the residents a birds eye view of their surroundings. Inspired by highway billboards, it is designed for any setting, even with the pole planted in a body of water.

Leaf House

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Located in Angra dos Reis, Brazil and designed by the architectural firm Mareines + Patalano, the top of this house is shaped like a giant flower opening toward the sky. The house does not have hallways, making it easier for the breezes to circulate. There is also a curved swimming pool that gives way to a small pond in the back yard.

Toilet-Shaped House

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Built for the founding member of the World Toilet Association, the house is shaped like a giant toilet seat, with a grassy slope extending through the hole in the middle that allows people to walk along the top and admire the view. In the center, it also has a showcase bathroom.

The Nautilus

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This unique home in the shape of the small seashell is located in Mexico City and was completed by the architect Javier Sensonian, who has also designed buildings in the shape of other animals, such as snakes, whales and crustaceans. The front door, located in the front opening of the shell, opens into a huge entry room decorated with plants and small shrubs.

Chameleon House

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Sitting atop a hill in Northport, Michigan, USA, this house is made of a steel frame that is coated in corrugated acrylic slats, which take on and reflect the natural colors seen in the landscape, letting the house disappear into its surroundings.

These are just a few of the unique designs that have emerged in recent years. The field or architecture is always changing as new materials become available and advances are made in construction techniques. Many people are now finding that their dream home can take on a whole new look.

However, building a designer, one-of-a-kind home can be a pricey endeavor. You should make sure you can afford the home before you commit to a construction plan. To get a better idea of whether you can make your designer home a reality, make sure to get an accurate estimate from a qualified estimator and also a clear idea of what your mortgage will be afterward. It can also help to research the best mortgage rates.

Either way, make sure you are prepared for the project before you start. Once you have a clear plan, you are infinitely closer to making your dream home a reality.

Donald Taffin is an architecture enthusiast and regular contributor to numerous design blogs.

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Donald Taffin is an architecture enthusiast and regular contributor to numerous design blogs.

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