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This article identifies the health benefits to those who successfully stop smoking and explores the advantages of electronic cigarettes. It discusses how using electronic cigarettes can assist smokers’ attempts to forego tobacco and how ‘vaping’ compares to other types of stop-smoking aids.

1. Why Give Up Cigarettes?

Most people understand that smoking is extremely harmful to their health and that stopping can dramatically extend life expectancy. Pictures of smoke and tar damaged organs are commonplace on television and in the press and the high risk of cancers, heart and breathing diseases are well documented. However most people who successfully stop smoking will also experience other lesser known benefits. Where smoking has impaired blood circulation the time taken and ability to heal wounds is impaired leading to a risk of serious infection. There is evidence that smoking impairs hair and nail growth, causes bad breath and reduces the chance of conceiving. It can also affect concentration, memory and even the ability to process information.

2. What are Electronic Cigarettes?

Electronic cigarettes (also known as e-cigarettes) are a relatively new way to help smokers give up tobacco completely. Styled to closely resemble an actual cigarette, e-cigarettes utilise a vapourisation process to mimic smoking. Each e-cigarette contains a battery and a vial of propylene glycol solution known as e-liquid which contains a measured dose of nicotine and/or flavouring. The e-liquid is in contact with a wick which is attached to a coil – the battery heats up the coil which in turn heats up the e-liquid, producing a vapour which can be inhaled in the same way as cigarette smoke. When you buy electronic cigarette products you will discover there are many different types – some use rechargeable batteries, some units are completely disposable once the e-liquid has all been vapourised while others use e-liquid cartridges. Most models can be used with an extensive range of e-liquids with varying nicotine strengths and flavours.

3. Why Choose Electronic Cigarettes?

It is widely accepted by the medical profession that as cigarettes contain the highly addictive drug nicotine the most successful way to stop smoking is slowly and gradually. It takes huge amounts of self-control and physical strength to successfully quit smoking instantaneously. But why should you buy electronic cigarette products rather than other nicotine replacement options such as gum, mints or patches? It isn’t only beating nicotine addiction that smokers must contend with but changing negative behavioural patterns that end in lighting up a cigarette. Dealing with each challenge one at a time is where electronic cigarettes are more effective. The physical nature of vaping allows you to concentrate on cutting down your nicotine while still following the same actions. Your hands will be occupied, you can still smoke after meals or whenever you need to but without breathing in damaging smoke and tar. When you buy electronic cigarette products you can gradually lower your nicotine intake until you are no longer physically addicted, then you can concentrate on breaking negative behaviour.

Do you want to give up smoking? Then give yourself every chance to succeed and do it gradually, one step at a time. Visit Genesis to buy electronic cigarette products to suit your own specific requirements and above all be kind to yourself.

Clare Boyd is a health and lifestyle expert who regularly writes for healthy living advice pages and blogs. She recommends smokers visit Genesis to buy electronic cigarette aids as part of a program to improve their health, diet and exercise regimes.

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Clare Boyd is a health and lifestyle expert who regularly writes for healthy living advice pages and blogs.

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